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House to buy

Are you considering buying a house?

A good idea - if you are accompanied by an independent expert or if you pay attention to a few key points during your visit.

Buildings for sale or old houses are popular. On the one hand, because they are cheaper than comparable new buildings and on the other hand, because they often have more charm. On the other hand, many buyers do not want to build and have to struggle with architects, construction workers or craftsmen. However, if you are interested in an old building, you should expect a bit of work if you do not want to buy with your eyes closed. And one thing should be clear: no matter how accurately you examine the house, you will never be immune to defects. Exactly the same as with new construction. However, as far as they are concerned, you benefit from a guarantee period.

Getting help

Anyone who is not a construction specialist should seek advice and have their dream home examined in detail by an independent expert. The expert will check the substance of the building, from the cellar to the attic, and judge whether the purchase price is correct and justified. The focal points are the interior and exterior walls, windows and doors, the roof, all electrical installations, connections, water and waste water pipes, heating, water heating system and home automation, as well as the bathroom and kitchen. Here, hidden defects, which have to be repaired after purchase, can quickly cost a pretty penny.

A short visit is a visual inspection, not a detailed analysis of the substance and condition. The expert, with his specific knowledge, will discover the defects and recognise the points that need to be clarified in more detail. In any case, the relevant costs will be paid for, as a rule, properties for resale and old buildings are sold "as is" and any warranty claims are denied to the extent permitted by law. Owners of houses for sale or brokers who have nothing to hide will no doubt have no problem letting you see the house a second time in the company of an expert.

What you should absolutely pay attention to

You may not have time for a second visit, as the seller has enough potential buyers and wants to complete the deal as quickly as possible. In this case, you will be forced, willingly or unwillingly, to examine the house in detail without an expert at your side. Before the time of the visit, think about what is important to you and what is not.

Don't let yourself be stressed

Process the checklist step by step. Pay attention to details, such as a recently repainted cellar wall or cardboard stacked up to the ceiling - could mould be hidden behind it? Ask the landlord for proof of maintenance and renovation measures and ask for permission to consult his heating bills. This will enable you to assess the insulation quality of the house. Also ask the landlord for the reason for the sale. If he is moving for professional reasons, you can assume that the house has been well maintained up to that point.

Record any defects in the contract of sale.

Allow enough time for the visit. And if you have a good impression afterwards, agree and clarify the financing with your bank. In the contract of sale, write down the defects you have found and who is responsible for repairing them or bearing the costs. One more thing: the contract of sale is only valid if you and the seller sign it at a notary's office. You will only be able to withdraw from it if you can prove to the seller that he has deceived you fraudulently, knowingly concealed defects or intentionally lied to you.

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