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A trip to the Shetland Islands of Scotland

From Scotland, we already told you about the whisky route but also, and this is more original, about this strange mania that ponies have for going out in pullovers (no link with whisky!) It’s time to tackle another aspect of this fashionable destination: the Shetland Islands.

Shetland. Does that name evoke some vague memories of geography class? Probably not. Except for ornithologists, because the archipelago is a refuge for many species of sea birds. A little catch-up: this archipelago of about a hundred islands is located “between” the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea, between Scotland and Norway. It is therefore cool and rainy for most of the year. A climate somewhat comparable to that of Iceland, but not as harsh.

On the other hand, everyone knows the adorable little Shetland ponies, which we mentioned earlier. You will need a good raincoat and waterproof shoes to go and discover these islands. Their assets: a superb jagged coastline, Viking ruins, charming villages. But it is above all the feeling of being far from the rest of the world and the change of scenery that will seduce you. Total disconnection.

How do I get to the Shetland Islands?

Step 1: take off for will have to take a flight to problem: with, for example, we found plane tickets at 100 $ per round trip between Paris and Edinburgh at the end of September (with the company Ryanair).another low cost company offers flights: Flybe.

Step 2: Head north to Aberdeen, where you’ll embark for Shetland. You can hire or buy a second-hand car in Edinburgh to drive along the coast (about 200 km), or take the train or bus (there are regular connections).

Step 3: Set sail.finally take a ferry that will take you from Aberdeen to Lerwick, the main town of the archipelago, on Mainland’s the largest island of the archipelago and is inhabited by nearly…20,000’s long, but what a great trip!


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